Psychic Self-Defense

with Tina Erwin and Laura Van Tyne

  • Bonus: Free Gift

    When you enroll in this course, you will receive our Energy Clearing Kit, a $200 value! This kit includes many of the tools we discuss in the course so that you can get started right away! Inside the kit you will find a proprietary blend of resins from ancient, sacred trees. A book on frequency, essential oil, aura cleanser and a lot more items to help you clear your spaces!

  • Week 1: What is Psychic Self-Defense?

    You wouldn’t go outside in a snowstorm naked, would you? Enjoy this practical, no-nonsense approach to creating layers of psychic self-defense to keep you emotionally and psychically more powerful --- and warmer! Learn why being psychic keeps you safer.

  • Week 2: Unlock the Mystery of Frequency!

    Learn potent strategies to raise your frequency. Learn the secrets of empowering tools. Find a path that works by immediately applying new concepts. Raising frequency keeps you strong and courageous.

  • Week 3: Optimize Your Forcefield and Feel Stronger

    Superman knows that Kryptonite destroys his auric field. Find out what your Kryptonite is and how to protect yourself from it. Learn the secrets of powerful spiritual tools. Learn about the real dangers on your spiritual path and how to avoid them.

  • Week 4: What Are Hidden Energies?

    Learn about critical energies because shape shifters aren’t just in the movies. Learn the often, subtle difference between angels, demons and ghosts. Study the dangers on the path and embrace the sword of power: knowledge.

  • Week 5: Why We Do What We Do

    We show you what we’ve been through, how these tools have changed our lives for the better and why we are so passionate about sharing this hard won knowledge with you. How a business card changed Tina’s life in a terrifying way. Laura’s perpetual nightmare: 3 headed crocodiles are real! Our new normal.

Essential Psychic Self-Defense

Essential Psychic Self-Defense

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